Sunday, September 25, 2011

In which I miss the pond's other side.

Things Austria does better
Ice cream (Zanoni and Zanoni's, baby....)
Bread (I would seriously kill for a loaf of Wienersopft right now)
Kebabs!!!! (Ok, this isn't really something Europe does better. This is something Europe has that America doesn't. I think we need to get more Turkish immigrants here so that we can have kebabs...I miss me a good Doener).
Cows (Austrian bovines are some of the most beautiful cows you will ever see).
Green frolicking hills
Architecture (even the dizzying rococco architecture that made me want to vomit is more beautiful than anything I've seen here)
Street performers. (Honestly, listening to street performers was possibly the best part of my entire trip to Europe. I should post some of the videos I took..)

Things America/Utah does better
Mac and Cheese
Having Karissa's friends and family be there
Slot canyons

That is all for today.

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