Friday, February 24, 2017

In which my life teems with simple delights

An Internet community I frequent recently discussed the question: "What is a small good thing that has happened in your life lately?" And I realized that lately my life has abounded with small, good things.

1) My husband learned how to make Pad Thai and has made it twice in the last week and a half. He is very good at it and it is awesome.

2) My mentor told me that I'm doing a great job as a teacher. On a day when I was frustrated with 6th graders who refused to participate and 3rd graders determined to sow chaos, this meant a crazy amount.

3) I've been going to therapy, and it's working! I'm learning some simple strategies to cope with my anxiety, and I haven't had an anxiety attack in over two weeks. Everyone, go to therapy.

4) A little boy in one of my special ed classes sang yesterday! I'd never even heard him talk before, and he was singing every single song word for word, perfectly in tune. I wanted to give him the biggest squeeze in the world.

5) I've been rewatching Parks and Recreation, my most favorite show in the world, and remembering why it is the best.

6) I got a three day weekend in which I went on a hike with my brother and it was exactly what I needed in my life that day.

7) We found ourselves in American Fork the other day, which meant we had to eat at our favorite Chinese restaurant (Whistle Wok) and it was glorious.

8) I found out that I actually do have a supply budget for my choir and my ukulele class.

9) We found the most perfect apartment ever (Two bedrooms! A dishwasher! In our ward boundaries!) and we're moving next month.

10) We found cheap plane tickets to London and we're going for my spring break.

Okay, I guess those last two were big good things. But the small good things are almost better because they accumulate into piles of happiness. Here's to the small good things.