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In which I miss the pond's other side.

Things Austria does better
Ice cream (Zanoni and Zanoni's, baby....)
Bread (I would seriously kill for a loaf of Wienersopft right now)
Kebabs!!!! (Ok, this isn't really something Europe does better. This is something Europe has that America doesn't. I think we need to get more Turkish immigrants here so that we can have kebabs...I miss me a good Doener).
Cows (Austrian bovines are some of the most beautiful cows you will ever see).
Green frolicking hills
Architecture (even the dizzying rococco architecture that made me want to vomit is more beautiful than anything I've seen here)
Street performers. (Honestly, listening to street performers was possibly the best part of my entire trip to Europe. I should post some of the videos I took..)

Things America/Utah does better
Mac and Cheese
Having Karissa's friends and family be there
Slot canyons

That is all for today.


What makes me "me"?
If someone were to ask, "Who are you?" how would I respond? Some answers: A musician, a teacher, a student, a friend, a wordsmith, a pianist, a runner, an adventurer, a daughter, a sister, a human.
Sometimes I worry that I'm not "me" enough.
Or that I let some me's crowd out others.
The student's been crowding out the pianist and the runner lately. I must do what I can to bring them back, without letting my grades slip.
The friend died for a day or two last night, but was coaxed back into life by loving hands.
The wordsmith feels neglected, the musician longs for more.... and
the human... is still trying to figure out what this all means and where this is going and whether anyone out there can understand and who am i anyways?
I am an adventurer. I am a musician. I am a friend. I am a human.

As a side note:
Today I decided that I need to climb more trees, splash in more puddles, and jump in more leaves.

I also discovered tha…

In which I create an alternate reality in my MIND!!!

I have just decided that I cannot accept the way this afternoon is going.
I am writing a paper I don't care about, eating a peanut butter sandwich where the bread is dry and crumbly, AND I have a knot in my back.
So, using only the power of my imagination, I have created a solution.
In just two minutes from now, the most attractive man on earth is going to walk through the doors of the HFAC, stand beside me and say, "Karissa, you are the raddest chick in creation, and to commemorate this fact, I have brought you a footlong sweet onion chicken teriyaki from Subway. Also, your favorite shake from the Creamery! I have also brought along my sidekick who is an expert in child development research methods, and he's going to write the rest of your paper for you!" He will then give me a neck and shoulder massage. The chicken teryiaki will be delicious. My paper will get an A. Life will be grand.

Like I two minutes....wait for it....wait for it.....

Nothin'. Gee…

Some reasons for happiness today.

I'm wearing a happy yellow Threadless shirt, cargo shorts, and no shoes.
My feet are happy and bare.
The end of my homework is in sight.
I just took some delicious bites of a Milka bar (how I missed European chocolate...)
I don't have to go to work today!
I had Honey Bunches of Oats for breakfast today (that, in and of itself is reason for rejoicing).
I had Mac and Cheese for lunch (Can you see the importance of food in my life?)
I'm listening to my little sister and her friends make a movie about pirates. It's hilarious.
I watched SOOOO much Kid History today.
I'm starting to recognize the joyful new opportunities that come from painful life changes.
I get to have a girls night with my favorite apartment of friends tonight.
I got to sightread Beethoven for a while today...for homework! is good.