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In which I plug my nose, get a big glass of water, and swallow.

You know it's a bad sign when:1) Your mother gets you an herbal supplement to help "regulate your cycle" 2) She warns you beforehand to take it with something that has a really strong taste to mask the pill's taste. 3) The active ingredient is called "Chaste Berry" (What does that even mean...?) 4) The pills are poop-colored. 5) You open the pill bottle a foot away from your face and still almost gag from the smell.
Oh, the things I do for hormonal balance.

In which I really should be doing my homework.

You know what I realized about people today?

Everyone is right in some ways. And everyone is wrong in some ways.
But everyone is right and wrong in different ways from each other.
Which makes it really easy for one person to say, "Look, I'm right and you're wrong!"
And for the other person to say, "Um, no, I'm right and you're wrong!"
And for both statements to be true. Because both of them are right. And both of them are wrong.
I think that's the cause of most conflicts. Global, national, political, cultural, personal, familial.
Everyone's right. And everyone's wrong.
So if we could all just cooperate enough to put all our rightnesses together, and then help each other get rid of our wrongnesses....
Wishful thinking, I suppose.

In which my mind is blown

Guys! Guys. GUYS!!!

I just realized something amazing.
Listen to this. Now listen to this.

Yeah, I know, weird, right??

It's highly possible I will be telling everyone I know about this for a few days.
And even more highly possible that they'll look at me and say, "You never realized they were the same? Wow...."
I'm still really excited about it though.

In which I summarize my year:

2010 has been a year of firsts...which always makes for an adventure.

First time writing a check (I'm such a grownup!) First time holding a job while taking classes (and first job not at a swimming pool) First time getting a flower for Valentine's Day (Thank you, random Cannon Center customers). First time applying to the Music Education program First time getting accepted into the Music Education program First relationship lasting longer than 2 weeks First kiss First real breakup First time getting rejected for a job I applied for First half-marathon First time living at home since coming to college First time attending a non-BYU singles ward First time being ward organist First time visiting Washington D.C. First time going on a date with a co-worker First time singing with BYU Women's Chorus First time failing a test First time getting a B minus in a class (and being deliriously happy with it) First time introducing a significant other to extended family First time havi…