Saturday, September 10, 2011

Some reasons for happiness today.

I'm wearing a happy yellow Threadless shirt, cargo shorts, and no shoes.
My feet are happy and bare.
The end of my homework is in sight.
I just took some delicious bites of a Milka bar (how I missed European chocolate...)
I don't have to go to work today!
I had Honey Bunches of Oats for breakfast today (that, in and of itself is reason for rejoicing).
I had Mac and Cheese for lunch (Can you see the importance of food in my life?)
I'm listening to my little sister and her friends make a movie about pirates. It's hilarious.
I watched SOOOO much Kid History today.
I'm starting to recognize the joyful new opportunities that come from painful life changes.
I get to have a girls night with my favorite apartment of friends tonight.
I got to sightread Beethoven for a while today...for homework! is good.

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