Monday, September 12, 2011

In which I create an alternate reality in my MIND!!!

I have just decided that I cannot accept the way this afternoon is going.
I am writing a paper I don't care about, eating a peanut butter sandwich where the bread is dry and crumbly, AND I have a knot in my back.
So, using only the power of my imagination, I have created a solution.
In just two minutes from now, the most attractive man on earth is going to walk through the doors of the HFAC, stand beside me and say, "Karissa, you are the raddest chick in creation, and to commemorate this fact, I have brought you a footlong sweet onion chicken teriyaki from Subway. Also, your favorite shake from the Creamery! I have also brought along my sidekick who is an expert in child development research methods, and he's going to write the rest of your paper for you!" He will then give me a neck and shoulder massage. The chicken teryiaki will be delicious. My paper will get an A. Life will be grand.

Like I two minutes....wait for it....wait for it.....

Nothin'. Geedangit. Oh well, I've almost finished this nasty dry PB and J, so I wouldn't have room for a chicken teriyaki anyways....

**Update: a few minutes after I wrote this, my very kind Form and Analysis T.A. came up and asked me if I needed any extra help in the class (I do...), and then my beautiful friend Emily provided me with some lovely conversational distraction. So...not quite a neck massage and a Subway, but it'll do for today.

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