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December 21, 2012

They said the world would end this week,
So I went sledding, and hugged my family, and sang a lot
Spoke my love to the ones who have my heart
And stopped worrying about the future, because why worry about something that doesn't exist?

However, just in case the world didn't end
I learned and felt and lived, saving up knowledge and ideas and memories for later
I continued to create, as if someone would be left to see the results.
I made plans, no...I spun dreams.

They said the world would end this week
It didn't.
But who knows about next week?

In which I'm probably not going to die. Probably.

This morning, I woke up unable to move my head to one side. I called my mom, because she knows lots o'stuff about stuff, especially as it relates to muscles and spines and such.
She told me not to worry, because if I don't have a fever, it probably isn't meningitis.
That....was not the response I was expecting.
But it is comforting to know that I probably don't have a life-threatening illness? I guess?
In other news....never ever ever ever ever google meningitis. Especially when you have a stiff neck. It is the worst idea ever.