Thursday, September 15, 2011


What makes me "me"?
If someone were to ask, "Who are you?" how would I respond?
Some answers: A musician, a teacher, a student, a friend, a wordsmith, a pianist, a runner, an adventurer, a daughter, a sister, a human.

Sometimes I worry that I'm not "me" enough.

Or that I let some me's crowd out others.

The student's been crowding out the pianist and the runner lately. I must do what I can to bring them back, without letting my grades slip.

The friend died for a day or two last night, but was coaxed back into life by loving hands.

The wordsmith feels neglected, the musician longs for more....

the human...
is still trying to figure out what this all means and where this is going and whether anyone out there can understand and who am i anyways?

I am an adventurer. I am a musician. I am a friend. I am a human.

As a side note:
Today I decided that I need to climb more trees, splash in more puddles, and jump in more leaves.

I also discovered that well-used words are intoxicating.

I wish I knew how to wield these words more beautifully.

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  1. I can help in the tree-climbing, puddle-splashing, and leaf-jumping! You should have my number...

    Also, I know you're human, but are you dancer? ;)