Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Still awake?

I don't suffer from insomnia.
Once I lay down in bed, I'm out like a light.
I suffer from a severe lack of desire to sleep...
Every single night...
For no reason...
I get this bizarre energy burst at about ten, and so I just want to talk to people, and play and have adventures but I live at home so everyone goes to bed and no one can play with me. And so I get on facebook, and I blogstalk (sometimes the blogs of people I've never met...friends of friends...don't tell!) and I try to pretend that the people I'm reading about are really talking to me and that we're friends.
And then I realize that I could have gone to bed 2 hours ago and I have to wake up to go to work tomorrow and I still need to read my scriptures and this is why I don't read for more than about 2 verses per day these days.
Ok, but tomorrow I'll go to bed at a decent time, right?

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  1. Have I mentioned how similar we are on some things and how I feel *exactly* the same...? No?
    Well this isn't one of those times anyway...
    **hides the time and Riss's blog**