Saturday, July 24, 2010

My favorite comic on the whole wide internet...

So...there's this little comic, with these little stick figures. And I've been thinking about it all day. Sometimes it's crass, sometimes it's inappropriate, sometimes it's wayyy too nerdy for me, and sometimes it's a little pretentious. But sometimes it makes me laugh until I cry. Sometimes it makes me think for hours. And sometimes it makes me shiver, because somehow, this weird little stick-figure comic captured one of my deepest, most private thoughts.
Here we go, Karissa's thoughts, xkcd style:
How I do relationships:
What I'm scared of (a series):, (profanity warning on that last one...), and
How I think I'll redecorate my apartment next semester:
A fun game that I did before I'd ever even read this comic:
Food for thought:
Maybe I'll change my career path?:
Anyways. I felt a need to blog, but most of my interesting thoughts today had been about xkcd. So I thought I'd share. I hope you don't get addicted. Because I am. And I don't plan to break the addiction soon...


  1. And one more, just for fun:

  2. Heck - freaking - yes. Like... exactly.
    I hope that made sense...