Thursday, July 29, 2010


Guys, I love going on adventures and all, but...I HATE planning them!
I'm much more happy with the spontaneous "Let's go do something fun right NOW!!!" approach. Unfortunately, my brain isn't wired to work that way. I need a Plan. I need to know who's driving, when we're leaving, who's bringing tents, is food separate or together, do we have to pay to use a campground, are there bathrooms, what hikes are near our camping site, are there bears, are there cougars, are there wild hellhounds from the pit of darkness, will I even survive the planning stages of this trip or will I die before we ever get there?
And since I'm usually the only one uptight enough to care about most of those questions...I get to be the one who gets to find the solutions to ALL of them! And sometimes other people think up questions, and guess who volunteers to find the answers for those? Yeah, me.
A one-night trip should NOT cause me so much stress.
I guess on Saturday I'll have to post how totally AWESOME this camping trip was to make up for being so whiny about it right now. So be it.
Also, I've noticed that my past few posts make me sound like some kind of crazy person. An existentially itchy, depressed, sentence fragment kind of crazy person who likes to write haikus about her job. Dear readers, I promise I'm not deranged. At least, I'm pretty sure.

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