Friday, November 12, 2010

In which I take a religion test

Please read the following excerpt and then choose the best answer from the questions below.

Dear BYU religion professors,
Thank you for wording your tests in such an utterly confusing way. It really helps me focus on the exact wording and nitty gritty details of every verse instead of on the actual principles being taught. I'm so glad that you have your priorities in place. I know emulating the "simplicity that is in Christ" by actually asking straightforward questions would make your class far too easy to pass.

Is this letter-writer
A) Sappily sincere?
B) Quite fed up?
C) Named Karissa?
D) A BYU student?
E) Happy that temple recommend questions are worded more clearly than religion test questions?
F) Quite pleased with the religious education program at BYU?
G) A and B only?
H) B and C only?
I) A, C, G and H only?
J) All of the above except for C?
K) B, C, D and E only?
L) All of the above?
M) None of the above?

Answer: K.

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  1. This question was a little confusing... I would have appreciated it better if it was worded better... ;)