Tuesday, November 16, 2010

In which I narrowly avoid being offensive.

Once upon a time a few minutes ago, one of my facebook friends had a status with which I strongly disagreed. This fellow is a good friend of mine, and I thought I might be hurting our friendship by disagreeing, but my argumentative nature won the inner battle, and I composed a snarky and biting response.
When I hit "Comment", instead of seeing my witty words appear under his status, I saw an error message from our good friends at Facebook Inc. "Oops, something went wrong. We're working on getting this fixed. Please try again later."
A bit miffed, I tried again. "Oops, something went wrong!" said Facebook.
I paused, reread my comment, and realized that I wasn't being fair to the writer. So I toned it down a bit, still retaining my sarcastic tone, but trying (and perhaps failing) to keep it civil. Resent the comment and...
"Oops, something went wrong...."

It was all starting to seem entirely too coincidental, so I closed the browser tab and took my test.

Later, I saw that my friend had removed the offending status from his facebook. He probably wrote it in the heat of emotion, without pausing to think of the repercussions. when he did realize that it may offend, he quickly removed it. Had I allowed my comment to post, I could have made the situation worse. I would be angry, he might be angry back...no bueno.

Facebook, I thank you. Your error messages may have just saved a friendship.

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