Sunday, May 23, 2010


So, in my new ward I was called as the ward organist. This is great and all, but with one drawback.

I've never played the organ.

I mean, I've played the piano for 13 years, so I should be able to just pick up the organ instantly, yeah? It's not like they're two completely different instruments, or anything.

I wish.

Surprisingly though, I'm really starting to enjoy this calling. I'm already discovering new and unexpected perks to this assignment.
First, and most obviously, I get to learn how to play the organ. I wanted to learn a new instrument this summer, and since my guitar learning has been temporarily suspended, it's awesome that I have some new instrument to replace it.
Next, I think this is going to help out my piano skills. A lot. I've always been really, REALLY pedal-dependent. So being forced to play a keyboard instrument where there's no damper pedal to blur over my mistakes, and I have to actually use (gasp) finger legato will be good for me.
And then the more unexpected perks:
I have to come early to play prelude. This means I can no longer be late to church. Ever. Punctuality is a new frontier for me, but one I'm stoked to explore.
I'm like...famous...everyone I've met in my new ward has said, "Oh yeah, you're that girl who plays the organ, right?" Maybe this will help me make new friends. Or just garner awkward, unwanted attention. The jury's still out on this one.
I may NEVER FALL ASLEEP IN CHURCH AGAIN! That's right, cats and kittens! Mike, Andria, Colin, and any of my roommates can attest to the fact that I have church-induced narcolepsy. But now I have to sit up on the stand, with everyone looking at me. That's enough pressure to stay awake. Also, I get to stand up about every five minutes to walk over to the organ.

Anyways. I was initially pretty skeptical about this calling, but the more I think about it, the more I realize...this organist thing may not be a bad gig at all.

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