Wednesday, May 18, 2011

In which I share a string of possibly unconnected thoughts.

It's raining outside. Everything is misty, and the mountains are wrapped in heavy white clouds. It makes me homesick for this place:
(Can you be homesick for a place that was never your home?) 

I think I'm long overdue for some Oregon beach-camping. Hopefully I can make it summer.

In other news, yesterday was Norwegian Independence Day. Which doesn't mean much to me, except that I got to enjoy some good food and good company. I am officially in love with this:
Oh, and this:

That is all. 


  1. but we didnt have any Knäckebröd!

  2. Oh...What was that bread stuff we ate then? This was the picture on Ikea's site that looked the most similar...

  3. this stuff is good too, though. we should have some!

  4. What is it? I swear it looks exactly like the stuff we had...

  5. Dear You,
    I know this was like 6 months ago, but I'm commenting anyway because everyone likes comments.
    Love, Me
    P.S. You can be homesick for a place you've never officially been. (because I'm sure heaven was something similar, and we've been there ;) )