Saturday, May 7, 2011

In which I run

I used to map my runs, to keep track of mileage and speed. Lately though, I've run lazily, without a watch, without keeping track of my distance. Just exploring, running where it looks interesting, and coming back home where I'm done.
Tonight was a beautiful evening for a run. The spring sun sifted through the glowing leaves, couples walked hand in hand, children laughed, gnats bit me.
I saw windows with cartoon characters glued in them,
                            And windows with butterflies painted on.
I saw an old man smoking, a wrinkly hippy riding his bike, and children playing with broken toy cars outside a crumbling apartment complex.
I saw a man and a woman playing frisbee. The catch? She was pushing a stroller, running with it to catch the frisbee while the tiny girl inside laughed and laughed.
I smelled barbeque, grass, and my own sweat.
I saw a boy playing his banjo on the front porch, but lacked the nerve to cross the street and ask to listen.
I saw a front porch full of firewood.
I heard so many kinds of birds, singing, chattering, laughing to each other.
I felt my legs pumping strong, my blood coursing, my hair loose with the wind through it.
I sat on a broken red bench on a corner and watched a wrinkled old man water his lawn, two children chase each other in the front yard, a big man walking his tiny dog.
I lingered for a long time outside a garage, listening to a local band throbbing out chords and melodies.

I wandered through my town, my home, observed, explored and felt a part of it all.
                            At peace.


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  1. This is a poem. And I don't know how you can run lazily. #Justsayin...