Sunday, October 4, 2009

I'm not waiting for my ship to come in, I'd just like the bus to be on time.

I'm about to do something revolutionary. I'm going to write a blog post that isn't for my New Testament class. I don't think that anyone really reads this blog, but if you do, listen up kids because this is big news. Well....not really. I just wanted to share some thoughts.
The other day, I was returning from the grocery store. I started for the bus stop carrying my heavy bags of nutritious goodness when I glimpsed, waiting at the stop light, THE BUS! My bus! I started running, but my human legs couldn't keep up, and the bus had soon paused at my stop, and carried on without me. Disappointed, I made my way to the bus stop, groceries in tow, and sat on the bench, only to have the sprinklers turn on. I jumped out of the way and found a place to stand where my groceries wouldn't get wet. As time passed by, doubts crept into my head, "Maybe...the bus isn't coming? No, of course not, the bus always comes. It's just in...BYU game traffic. Oh my gosh, maybe the bus doesn't run on game days. Maybe I should walk home. Maybe...maybe...maybe." I checked the schedule compulsively, wondering if it really had the right times on it. Soon a family showed up to wait at the bus stop, which gave me hope that the bus was coming. After a 45 minute wait, my heart leapt with joy as I saw the bus round the corner, and I could finally set down my grocery bags and settle into a bus seat.
We all spend a lot of life waiting: waiting for love, for our paycheck, for job applications to process, and waiting for answers. Sometimes answers take longer to come than expected. You wait, and wait, and then you start thinking, "Maybe there's not an answer this time. But there's always been an answer in the past...but..maybe...maybe I made that up. Maybe I can't know." Sometimes you see other people getting their answers and you're left waiting and wondering if you've missed your chance. Sometimes, you get drenched by the sprinklers while you wait, as problems with friends, family, school or health bombard you. Sometimes the schedule that you have in your hand doesn't match the one the Bus Driver has. But we can take courage in knowing that, no matter the timing, the bus always shows up eventually, and answers to prayers always do come. We can take hope as we see that other people are waiting for the same answers that we are. And when the bus finally rounds the corner, and we can set down our burdens and rest in the peace of the Lord, the wait will make the final outcome so much the sweeter.
Keep waiting. The bus always comes.