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In which I am itching for an adventure

Things I would like to do this spring/summer, in no particular order:

Tube the Provo River
Climb Y Mountain
Climb Mount Nebo
Get a library card

Visit the Springville Arts Museum
Go to Llama Fest at the Krishna Temple (update: I'll be in California. Maybe next year).
Visit the Living Planet Aquarium in SLC
Go to a fair, where I will ride the most vomit-inducing ride I can find, eat a funnel cake, and get a henna tattoo. 
Go to the Sheepdog Festival (It sounds silly, guys, but this is one of the cooler events I've been to in Utah)
Rooftop Concert Series! (update: done! Thrice over!)
Go to Boise for Jenni's wedding! Hooray! (update: couldn't get a ride. But a visit is in the works)
Meet Gail Carson Levine (update: done! She's really short!)
Go to the rope swing in Mona (update: done! And I went off the highest platform)
Go to the natural waterslides in Alpine (update: done! Highly recommend)
Actually make use of my Pass of all Passes at Seven Peaks
Sidewalk chalk!
Go hiking. A lot.
Rock climb. A lot. (update: started!)
Go camping and/or backpacking
Party at Disneyland (update: done! Huzzah!)
Swim in the ocean (update: done! Woo!)
Play with my brother (T minus 37 days!) (update: he's home!)
Buy produce at the Provo farmer's market
Go fishing on Free Fishing Day (update: went hiking this day instead)
Run through sprinklers (update: done!)
Eat a snow cone
Go to Canyonlands on August 25 for Fee Free Day

Run the Beat Beethoven 5k in Pleasant Grove (update: did something else instead)
Get a Slurpee on 7/11 (update: this is the day after I go to camp. Bummer.)
Go to the Utah Lake festival (update: missed it. Don't remember what I was doing that day)
Attend the Springville World Folkfest (update: happens while I'm at camp).
Go see the Spiral Jetty

And of course....climb a lot of trees


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