Wednesday, October 3, 2012

In which I probably could have been done with my homework by now...


Some nights I stay up until 3:15 reading blogs and Wikipedia, and I don't let myself go to bed because there is homework to be done, and I can't not do my homework because then I won't get a good grade and I'll be a failure, and if there's one thing that defines my life it's that I don't fail at stuff, especially not school.

But I'm too tired to focus on my homework, because it's 3 am and I haven't really gotten much sleep this week anyways and today was kind of draining.

So I keep taking break after break after break, in an effort to clear my mind so that I can do homework after the next break.



  1. Karissa! You should get some sleep sometimes.

  2. I think it's part of being a college student. At least, part of MY college experience. But we all know that I maybe took it to extremes. :)