Wednesday, April 18, 2012

In which a Time-Turner would come in handy

You know those times when you forget some key aspects of the laws of physics and schedule yourself to be in several places at once? When reality sinks in and you realize that you can't possibly be in both Heber and Salt Lake City while also being at work in Provo, your stomach sinks. Anxiety creeps in. No matter what, you will have to bail on somebody. No matter what, somebody will think you're a flake. No matter what, you lose.

And you know those times when you go on a first date with someone, and you really want to go on a second date, but every time they invite you to do something, you're busy? Not "busy" like you're actually just making an excuse so you don't have go out with them, but legitimately, terrifyingly, staying-up-until-6-am-just-to-finish-this -ridiculous-paper busy. How do you convince them that yes, since that first date they have invited you to slackline with their friends twice, invited you to come watch three different movies, and yes, even asked you on that elusive second date, and though you said no every single time, you're really not blowing them off, it just happens to be finals week and you just happen to also be working and interviewing for summer jobs and getting ready to leave the country in a few weeks? And how do you convince them that someone this unavailable is actually worth their time?

Yes, this would be one of those weeks when I could really use a Time-Turner. Too bad Harry and company destroyed the Ministry's entire supply of them back in book 5.

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