Saturday, January 14, 2012

In which things are good

I've realized something; I blog less when things are good. Not necessarily because most of my blogging is complaining; I think I've written some surprisingly upbeat posts when depressed. However, I think for me, writing serves two main purposes: channeling emotions and escaping them, with the occasional celebratory moment. So I'm gonna switch things up a little and blog on a happy day:

I'm in a new apartment, in my old ward. I miss living with my family, having my dad's office in the next room over, playing with my sisters, wrestling with my brother, and following my mom around the house. I miss my amazingly soft bed with its scads of pillows, which I've now traded for a top bunk that feels like a pile of bricks. But I love being back in my second home, right by campus. I feel like my old friends and neighbors have given me such a warm welcome back. I love that I'm right by JDawgs, Spoon it Up, Awful Waffle, and Slab.

I'm a huge fan of my classes this semester. The other day, I learned about the role of devotional music in the cosmology of Hinduisum, examined award-winning picture book art, and rehearsed with my choir. My other classes involve playing singing games, studying Haydn sonatas, choreographing modern dances, singing, and learning the viola. My major...might be the best. Just sayin'.

Even though its January, it is still a balmy 40 degrees outside, with a sky that feels like it belongs in April. All my snow-loving friends complain about the warmth, but as I can't afford a snowboarding pass this year anyway (and to me, that's really all snow is good for), I'm just enjoying the inexplicably gorgeous weather as best I can.

So yeah, I'd say my life is pretty great these days.

Pretty dang great.

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