Monday, January 16, 2012

In which I dream of riches.

Someday, when I am rich (or at least...out of paycheck-to-paycheck range), I will:

Eat things besides pasta and granola bars.
Have my own room again.
Go snowboarding every weekend (and even some weekdays, since I could afford to miss work)
Go rock climbing on days besides "Bring a Friend Friday" (where I can get in for free, because I have friends with season passes).
Buy all of the music I ever loved. And all of the books ever written, even ones I don't love.
Have a car.
Own my own camping gear.
Travel. A lot.

Things that I do now, instead of being rich:

Get really creative with my food sources, so I can eat things besides pasta and granola bars. These include: attending social/church functions just because there will be free food, try to date as much as possible, and go to my grandparents' house for every Sunday dinner possible.
Bond with the two other girls who share my room, and pretend I'm a pirate when I climb up the ladder to my little bunk. (I'm not sure why climbing up the ladder makes me feel like a pirate, does.)
Not whine about how crappy the snow is this year, because I've been lucky enough to miss out on that particular hardship.
Spend time with my awesome friends who do have Quarry passes, especially on "Bring a Friend Friday".
Spotify. And Pandora. And libraries. And thrift store bookshelves. (Ender's Game for a dollar at D.I.? Yes, please.)
Ride my bike or walk everywhere, acquiring some sick calf muscles in the process.
Use my dad's camping gear, which is pretty dang nice.
Travel. A lot. Even though I can't afford it. (This actually may be the reason why I can't afford anything else on my "If I were rich" list...)

Turns out wealth isn't all it's cracked up to be (though it would still be nice...)

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