Monday, November 14, 2011

In which I state a clear preference.

Since I'm going to teach elementary school one day, (well, actually tomorrow, if you count guest-teaching in somebody else's classroom as "teaching elementary school,") I think it's important I take a stand on a very divisive, and yet important, issue.

Markers versus Crayons.

I thought about listing the relative merits of each, but really all the marker has going for it is a lack of controversy about the pronunciation of its name. (Everybody, crayon is pronounced CRAY-ON. Not "cran." Not "crown." Not "crenn." Ok?) So I'll just list all the reasons why crayons are the superior coloring implement:

With crayons, you don't get ink all over your hands and then leave inky smudges all over your previously-pristine visual aids.

Crayons never run out of ink.

Kids can't vandalize each other's faces with crayons.

Crayons give you a much more brilliant color than markers, typically.

There is so much tactile satisfaction to be had from coloring with a crayon. Something about the extra pressure needed and the rub of the wax on the paper just feels right.

You can make rubbings with crayons.

You can shape crayons into race cars (and other things too!)

Crayons smell like joy.

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  1. So true, so true....
    Most especially the part about the correct pronunciation of crayon.
    P.S. You rock.