Sunday, February 14, 2010

Singly Aware

February 14th. A day that will live in infamy forever...I mean...something...yeah....
At this point you're probably asking, "Karissa, what is this infamous day to which you refer?"
Try and guess.
"Oh, it's Lupercalia, the Roman fertility festival?"
Indeed it is, but guess again.
"Are you referring to St. Valentine's Day, the saints' day rife with fabricated legends about forbidden love?"
"Oh, wait! I know this! You couldn't possibly mean....Singles Awareness Day?"
Good job, reader.
I have long made a point of broadcasting my scorn for this Hallmark Holiday. Tacky cards, obligatory candy, swooney girls, makey-outey's like everything I hate combined into one day. But....dagnabbit...there's this secret part of me that likes and appreciates it. Nothing like a little love, right?
It all started when I was 16. In honor of the holiday, my friends and I decided to watch the barfiest, loviest, girliest movie we could get our hands on. That's right. We watched Sleepless in Seattle. Nothing like destined lovers to fill an adolescent heart with angst. So I went home, and moped about my singleness ("no boy will ever like me, I'm so ugly, there's no love in this world for me, etc., etc., etc.) Yes, I was pathetic. Yes, I was 16. Get over it.
I was startled out of my gloom by the ring of the doorbell. There stood Courtney and Marissa, dressed completely in black, and grinning ear to ear. "Happy SAD!" they shouted, handing me a black balloon and a plate full of frowny-face sugar cookies. As I took my balloon up to my room, my angst dissipated. Sure, no boy had ever liked me. Sure, I had acne. Sure, I was painfully awkward around boys I liked. But guess what? That didn't matter. Because I had the best friends on earth. Friends who loved me, friends who brought me cookies, friends who I had time to hang out with because I didn't have a boyfriend. Psh...who needs Valentine's Day? Let's celebrate being single!
So on this day, I am happy. I am happy that today I can tell those that I love how much they mean to me. I am happy that I know some of the most amazing people on this planet. I am happy that I have friends to play dinosaurs with, friends to chase ducks with, friends to drive a stick shift with, friends to eat gratuitous amounts of ice cream with....I mean, seriously?
Who needs love after all?


  1. I can't decide if there is a tint of sarcastic irony in this blog or not...

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  3. Funny, and I'm assuming the courtney in this story is referring to courtney m.(myself), but I don't remember doing that, Marissa does. I'm glad you do though.

  4. Court? Yeah it was you! It kinda made my day. =)