Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Attention! Message Memory 95% full!!

Those words are the worst.
Time to empty the inbox. Delete interactions with beloved friends, witty comments, exciting life updates, affirmations of love and affection. Just hit a button and it'll be like they never existed.
I tried to put it off, really I did. Every time I was almost out of room, I would just delete my sent messages instead. I don't need to read what I said, I live with myself.
But soon there were 5 messages in my sent and 993 in my inbox.
And so I had to do it.
I cleared a few less-beloved texts from my saved messages folder and transferred a couple hilarious, inspiring, and loving texts out from the inbox into saved messages. It felt like choosing which of my children could fit in the lifeboat.
And then I pressed the button and all those words...all those meanings...were gone.
It's ok though.
I don't get to save my conversations in real life either.

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