Wednesday, June 18, 2014

In which I've got all this free time and it's super weird.

Yesterday I learned that there is no graceful way to answer the question, "What are you up to these days?" when you're up to absolutely nothing.

See, I graduated. And then I was substitute teaching. And then I was taking a two-week Kodaly course at BYU. But all of those are over now, and I've got about three weeks until the next adventure, which isn't enough time to get a job or anything, so I'm still kind of working on figuring out ways to use the time. Which makes answering questions about my daily activities kind of interesting. Explaining the situation in its entirety takes a little long, and, well, I'll let you see the other answers I've come up with.

"What are you up to these days, Karissa?"

  • "Oh, you know...nothing."
  • "I'm between life stages at the moment."
  • "Being unemployed. It's great. Oh, no, you don't need to put in a good word for me anywhere. I don't actually want a job right now.../"
  • "Well, yesterday I cleaned my apartment so thoroughly that I ran out of cleaning supplies!"
  • "Donating plasma as often as possible. Did you know they give you a free T-shirt the first time?"
  • "Trying to use up all of the gift certificates I've acquired in my time in Provo. I'm almost halfway done!"
  • "I mostly just sit on the couch counting the hours until my boyfriend gets home so I can make out with him."

Yeah, my life sounds pretty lame from the outside. But I'm working on some good ways to fill the time. I have a few musical instruments I need to learn before the school year starts, and a crock pot that has still never been used. So maybe I'll have better answers soon. In the meantime, any good suggestions for how I can succinctly answer people's inquiries about my life?

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  1. In the same boat sister! It was good running into you the other day!