Wednesday, May 21, 2014

If I were still a blogger...

I feel like I've lost the whatever-it-was that made me a blogger. That fire where words would build up inside of me and I had to rush to my computer and type until they were out. Which is a shame, because if I still had that fire, if I were still a blogger, there is so much I would tell you.

I would tell you about the bike ride I went on the other day, and how I stopped by the river and watched it awhile, thinking of how such a calm thing can seem so terrifying when you watch it long enough, trampling itself in a rush to get downstream, like a stampede out of a burning movie theater, or tomorrow morning coming sooner than you'd like.

I would tell you about the 5.10c I climbed day before yesterday, and the satisfaction I felt when I high-fived the chains at the top.

I would tell you about how I'm sick this week, and spend every minute of my sub job hoping that the next class will decide they don't need to come to music today so I can rest...and how, since it's the last week of school, my wish is often granted.

I would tell you about how so many of my best friends are getting married and having babies lately, and how happy I am for them.

I would tell you about the amazing roommates I've had this year, the job I found for the fall, and my sweet, wonderful boyfriend.

I would tell you how hard I find it to lose weight while still maintaining a positive body image, and how I wish I could go back to my high school metabolism.

And maybe I will later. But for today, I am all out of words.

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