Tuesday, September 24, 2013

On disagreement

From my textbook for Science Teaching Methods:

"Change came about as the result of disagreement, the marshaling of systematic evidence, sustained investigation (which involved some surveying of students, adults, and local gardeners), and even the help of outside experts. "

Isn't it cool that disagreement can be a catalyst for positive change?

We don't have to all hold the same opinion, we don't need to bash each other over the head when our ideas differ, and sometimes we don't even need to "agree to disagree," pretending there isn't an issue. We can use disagreements as a springboard for investigation, exploration, and learning, eventually coming to a consensus.

The idea gives me shivers (the happy kind).


  1. YES! "disagreeing without being disagreeable" is key here.

  2. Yeah! Yeaah!!! It is pretty awesome how disagreeing and discussing while keeping an open mind can bring about positive change. I like to remember that we might be the one who is "wrong," because without accepting that we'll keep ourselves from potential positive change. And, even if a person refuses to accept that they may be wrong, if they will at least listen open-mindedly to another then they can better understand, empathize with, and care for them. I hope to always remember to be open-minded.

    Thanks for a great post, Karissa!