Sunday, February 27, 2011

In which I may have conquered a fear.

A friend once asked me what I feared most. The conversation had consisted of answers along the lines of spiders, snakes, rapists, the like. My response: "Being wrong." I was terrified that I was going to die, and find out that everything I ever believed in was wrong.  That I would wake up, look around and realize, "Hey, this is hell, not heaven!"
But today, I realized...I could handle that.
Well, not the being in hell part. That would suck. Just the being wrong part.
That if I died and was having a good old heart-to-heart with God, or St. Peter, or my great-great grandmother-- whoever shows you the ropes and answers your questions after you die-- and was told, "You know, your beliefs were great and all, but the Baptists were actually a lot closer to the truth" I'd be a little confused, but I could take it.
That if I learned that the Trinitarian conception of the Godhead was a lot closer than the Mormon one, or that the prophets have made mistakes and said things that weren't true, or that Elijah (or was it Elisha?) really did sic she-bears on children (or that he didn't)....I would get disoriented, but then move forward and be okay with it, as long as I still knew that the following were true:
There is a God.
We are His children.
He loves us.
He knows best how our greatest good will be achieved and is constantly working for that good.
We have free will.

Because, you see, I feel that these are the things that I know. Because I have seen God answer my prayers. I have felt His love. I am constantly reminded of the ways in which He guides my lives and others' lives.
And because I know this to be true, not much else matters except that I trust God and follow His guidance in my life.


  1. Karissa, you may have just answered a question I've had since I could form thoughts. <3 Well, as much as this question can ever be answered. Which is pretty good. I love you!