Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Oh, just runnin' around

Today, I had finished all my finals, my roommates weren't home, my friends were all either taking finals or studying for finals so...I decided to go running. I think this is the fourth or fifth day in a row that I've ran, excluding Sunday, and I feel like I'm starting to get back into a rhythm. I'm feeling that addiction coming back, which is good because once I catch the bug, I don't slack. I feel like I'm finally starting to push myself a little more, even when I don't feel like it.
For today's run, I ran down Bulldog to State Street, then around to the Veteran's Memorial Pool and back. I got to check out the pool that I might be working at this summer, and I came across a reception center where I used to have dance at the age of 7. I'd totally forgotten that place. It had these big stained glass windows all around the room we danced in, and I would find my favorite patch of color each day and sit in it, until my teacher made me actually dance.
Anyways, while I was running, I felt pretty good about it. I ran farther and longer than I'd intended (I wasn't actually clocking it or anything though...I just went for longer than I felt like). So I was feeling pretty proud of myself when I got home. I got on mapquest to chart my route and realized that what felt like a good 4 miles to me was actually a whopping 2.7 miles. And once I calculated that with how long I'd been gone...I'd been running a 12 minute mile pace.
So, there's definitely room for improvement. I want to get down to a 9 minute pace for everything under 5 miles. I want to get up to at least 4 miles a day. I need to get in shape for the Red Rock in September. (And maybe a half marathon this summer....maybe.)
Despite the disappointing pace and mileage today....that felt so good. I'm remembering why I love this exhausting, painful, beautiful sport.

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